Registration and Using an AUSkey

How do I register an AUSkey?
If you have chosen to register using the AUSkey method, there are a number of steps you must take before you will be able to access this web-site. Firstly, you must obtain your AUSkey by clicking here and completing all relevant instructions. Please note if you already have an AUSkey (perhaps from participating in another government service such as Benchmarking, or from completing a Business Activity Statement online), you are not required to obtain another.

Once you have an AUSkey, you will need to send an email to health@formsadministration.com.au containing your name, AUSkey ABN, NAPS Service ID, Provider ID, and contact phone number. Once you have sent this e-mail, please wait for a response from Forms Administration before trying to login. Until you receive a response, any attempts to login will be unsuccessful.

AUSkey Help Videos
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AUSkey PDF Guides
  AUSkey QuickStart Guide
  Getting an Additional AUSkey

ACFR: Online Form Assistance

What is the Aged Care Financial Report (ACFR)?
The ACFR is a new form, introduced in the 2016-17 financial year for providers of residential care, home care and short term restorative care. To find out more about this new form, check out the changes to financial reporting arrangements for residential and home care providers information page.

When is it due?
The ACFR for the 2016-17 financial year is due on the 31st of October 2017.

What is included in the ACFR?
The consolidated ACFR portal incorporates the following previously separate requirements into one form:
  • Home Care Financial Reporting,
  • Short Term Restorative Care (STRC) Financial Reporting,
  • Annual Prudential Compliance Report, and
  • Residential Aged Care Financial Report
The following excel template and data definitions are draft documents, aimed to give an example of the type of questions that may be contained within the ACFR. The ACFR can not be completed via the excel template. It must be completed via the online portal.

ACFR Help Videos
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  ACFR Portal: Residential Aged Care Financials

  ACFR QuickStart Guide

Higher Accommodation Supplement (Significant Refurbishment)

Higher Accommodation Supplement (HAS) Help Videos
  Completing the Higher Accommodation Supplement Application

How to I complete the form?
The Higher Accommodation Supplement application forms can be completed via the online portal or contact Forms Administration via health@formsadministration.com.au for a hard-copy form.

Do I receive a confirmation of receipt on lodgement?
If you choose to lodge online, you will receive a confirmation email; however, if you choose to lodge via the hard-copy form you will not receive a confirmation of receipt.

When can I expect to know if my application was successful?
Due to the large number of applications that have been received for the Higher Accommodation Supplement, you could expect a decision from the Department within 3 - 4 months.

Which form should I complete?
A set of guidelines have been prepared by the Department to help you in preparing and completing your application (see PDF attachment below).
  • Pre-approval application: should be used if you have not yet begun building work.
  • Standard application: should be used if you have completed your building work.
  • Confirmation of pre-approval: should be used if you submitted and were approved a 'pre-approval' and all building work is now complete.

The Higher Accommodation Supplement Guidelines include references to the Department of Social Services?
The Guidelines were written in 2014. Since then Department of Social Services has become the Department of Health. All references to the Department of Social Services (DSS) should be taken to mean the Department of Health (DoH).

Are routine Repairs & Maintenance considered a 'Significant Refurbishment'?
You should read the Higher Accommodation Supplement Guidelines 2014 for a detailed explanation of what is and is not considered a significant refurbishment for the purposes of applying for the Higher Accommodation Supplement. However, routine Repairs and Maintenance is not considered a 'significant refurbishment'.

General FAQs

What is Forms Administration?
Forms Administration administers forms on behalf of the Department of Health, including the new Aged Care Financial Report (ACFR) and Higher Accommodation Supplement as well as Aged Care Benchmarking.

About Forms Administration Videos
  Who is Forms Administration?

I need more help?
If these FAQs have not answered your questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Forms Administration helpdesk staff via phone (02 4403 0640)  or email health@formsadministration.com.au  who will be able to assist you with your query.